What Makes Outdoor Digital Signage Totem Ideal For Businesses?

Nowadays, banks, retailers, hotels, malls, and so forth are using outdoor digital signage totem – one of the best marketing tools for businesses. It helps business owners reach out to their target audience without having to distribute print ads. With just a few presses, they can easily update video ads across different locations, which is why digital signage is getting more attention these days.

If you are not still convinced that outdoor digital signage totem is worth considering to get for your business, then check out the next paragraphs. Here are the reasons why you should do so.

Saves money

The initial cost of the equipment required is substantially more than a print advertisement; however, it is very easy to calculate how soon you will generate and ROI by simply adding up how many print advertisements you would normally produce over a three to five year period. If you compare the cost of the equipment over this the print fees, it’s likely that you will get surprised at the difference.

Easy to manage

Digital signage displays offer you the convenience of updating your ads wherever you are, regardless if you’re just updating the displays in your building or those in other shops. Large retail outlets find managing all their digital signage from one central location much more efficient. Having the ability to schedule message enables businesses of all types to target a vast array of audiences.


Digital signage is eco-friendly as you won’t have to buy papers and prints to advertise. The regular waste produced from old posters and fixed signage was one of the contributing factors behind moving away from traditional forms of signage and point-of-sale.

Show more than just static images

While static posters are still efficient, digital signage is more ideal as it allows audio, video, static images, and live news feed to be displayed simultaneously on all screens. Showing video and dynamic content increases customer engagement leading to more measurable and successful advertisement campaigns.

Encourage customers to make purchasing decisions

Most often than not, people, especially young ones like to purchase on their own pace and decisions. They don’t like to be bothered by salespeople. With product demo videos, customers can find answers to their questions without needing to engage with a sales staff (which also decreases a strain on human resources).

Offer interactive tracking tools

Among the best benefits of a digital sign is it replaces static maps, offering an intuitive wayfinding tool for visitors, customers, and guests. With an interactive map, visitors can browse through directories, enter their destination, and receive custom directions that lead them to their destination from their exact location.

Reduce perceived waiting time

The majority of people are drawn to moving objects like videos. Hence, by having digital signs with engaging content, they would feel like time is moving faster. When customers are entertained by digital signage content, 30 minutes in a waiting room actually feels more like 20 minutes.

Customise and target the content

Audiences are more likely to engage with content that is targeted to their needs and wants. Through the use of the day, time, and weather parting options on digital signage, playlists adjust automatically to accommodate different audiences, timely events, and even outdoor conditions, making sure your content is always relevant and useful.

Unmatched versatility

With digital signage displays, you can explore various ways of timely marketing strategies as you can always change your ads anytime. For example, a radio station may want to advertise to those commuting. It can effectively do so by changing the message for the appropriate time of day. With print advertising, this is clearly impossible, but a digital signage solution allows advertisers to vary their layouts as needed.

Whether you run a restaurant, club, or other kinds of business, an outdoor digital signage totem is something you should consider investing in. By looking at the benefits it can offer you above, you will have an easier time deciding whether to go for it or not. Keep in mind that while print advertisements can help your business in some ways, digital signage ads can definitely make a huge difference in it. Make sure to give it some thought before ignoring it, and when you decide to push it through, remember to find the best digital signage provider out there. By doing so, you can rest assured that you will have calibre output that will last for years to come.

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